Aerial Post-Production 101

Taking you from raw drone footage to a final product your clients will be impressed with.

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Before Aerial Post-Production 101, my aerial video post-editing techniques were okay at best. Taking this course taught me how to tell a better story, how to manage my footage, how to perform color correction and how to produce a more polished product. I just completed my first demo reel that is light years better than it would have been before this course. I have also gotten paying jobs from my reel! The program material is great, but having Christian's critical eye and feedback on my project was key. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in taking their aerial video editing skills to the next level.

Bert Perry, Aerial 51 Studios

Why Learn Editing?

What's the point of shooting beautiful aerial footage from a helicopter, airplane, or drone if you can't put it together into a solid compilation of shots?

Sure you can hire an editor but with many of them, even semi-professional ones, costing upwards of $250 per hour, the desire for the average film pilot to do their own editing is growing rapidly.

By purchasing this course for less than the typical price for 1 hour of hiring an editor, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to shoot and manage footage, to organize it, to build a rough cut, to add music and transitions, and to color correct your video to make the footage really pop.

Editing is an art form just as much as it is a technical capability. As with any art, one truly masters it after many hours and experiences perfecting the craft. There is always something to learn, in anything, but it especially holds true with editing. The best editors are always pushing the boundaries of their projects and they do not stop until their cuts are perfect.

Before enrolling in Aerial Post-Production 101, I hadn't taken any other online courses and wasn't sure what this course could offer that simply watching online tutorials couldn't. Thanks to the training given by Christian Tucci throughout the course, I have, however, gone from having no prior experience in editing and post-production to putting together my first reel, with which I am pretty pleased. Christian delivers the excellent course material with a clear, logical approach and is on hand to give detailed constructive feedback and advice not only on the technical aspects but also the 'art' of post-production, at which he has clearly become a master. Tutorials alone don't give you all that! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Aerial Post-Production 101 to anyone wishing to take their first steps or improve their skills in this area.

Mark Pateman, Firefly Imaging

Who will benefit from this class?

The coolest part of editing aerials is that it applies to ANY kind of video recording from aircraft. Regular motion picture or television jobs, aerial inspections and surveys, aerial tours, and even aerial thermography all require some sort of editing.

While it is true that the regular cinematography applications will require the most editing work and knowledge, nonetheless, if you are presenting a simple reel of aerial inspection footage or aerial thermography content to your client, you are going to want to know how to make it look as best as possible. And maybe even add titles to your cut. This course covers it all.

Our self-paced online course will teach you:

  • Tips for capturing good content from the beginning
  • How to assemble a rough cut of footage
  • How to add transitions and titles on top of footage
  • How to edit your video to music to enhance the feel of the piece
  • Workflows for sharing and collaborating on your cut with other editors or clients
  • Theory behind editing decision-making and flow

[Bonus] Case Studies Included

As an added bonus, you will receive full access to 4 case study lectures that dive deep into the process of editing complex projects and the team decisions and workflows that had to take place to get the final cut to where it needed to be.

This inside look into major video projects will give you the insight you need to progress your own cuts.


Course Instructor: Christian Tucci

Since age 12, Christian has worked extensively in the aerial cinematography industry. From the beginning, Christian learned the business from his now long-time friend and mentor, Al Cerullo, of Hover-Views Unlimited, the east coast’s top aerial film pilot and aerial cinematography company. He currently owns and operates a premier aviation and filmmaking consulting firm based on Long Island, New York and is a Principal of Cinematic Aerospace.

Christian provides a variety of services in the aerial cinematography industry to a multitude of clients including aerial coordination and safety, cinematography, photography, digital imaging technician services, and post-production editing.

He brings a strong background in aerial cinematography, electronics, and video editing and his level of knowledge in closed-set aerial cinematography operations is considered advanced. Part of Christian’s work with manned helicopters involves working as part of the flight crew while on film productions. He possesses a knowledge of helicopters and safety operations that ensure the cast and crew of a production remain safe and effective while working around aircraft at an airport, heliport, or in the field.

Christian has also worked extensively within airport operations, where he is licensed to operate vehicles within the secured safety perimeter of the airfield. He understands the complexities of the commercial airport environment, and his time in the aviation world working at airports has given him a full appreciation for safety in aviation.

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it required to purchase Final Cut Pro X?
Final Cut Pro X provides tremendous value for it's price at $299.99. Major motion pictures and television shows have been edited using Final Cut Pro, and thousands of editing and video professionals rely on it daily for its fast and intuitive interface. Most non-linear editing (NLE) software costs upwards of $500 (and often close to $1,000). Final Cut Pro X is on par, if not better than other NLEs, when it comes to features that make cutting aerial reels fast and efficient. With that being said, if you already have another NLE or wish to purchase another NLE, options like Adobe Premiere Pro CC are great! While a lot of the organizational features and workflow specific tasks in this course are geared towards using Final Cut Pro X, most if not all of the actual editing techniques and theories crossover to other NLEs and platforms. Note: Apple offers a 30-day free trial of Final Cut Pro X that allows full functionality. You can use the trial version in conjunction with this course to test out Final Cut Pro X and then decide if purchasing it is right for you.
Do I need a Mac to take this course?
Not necessarily, but it's recommended. Final Cut Pro X is only offered for sale on the Apple Mac App Store as part of the OS X operating system. There is no version available for Microsoft Windows or other operating systems. Macs have long been the industry standard for any creative work especially that relate to video production. As mentioned above, if you use another NLE, say Adobe Premiere Pro CC, on a Windows machine you can follow along in the course in regards to the underlying editing techniques and theories, but the workflow specific tasks of Final Cut Pro X will not apply. As such, a Mac with Final Cut Pro X is highly recommended to get the most out of this course.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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Cinematic Aerospace offers a large variety of standard and customized solutions for any aerial cinematography or UAS need, however, focuses mainly on Motion Picture and Television Industries in New York City. We view every job as a unique challenge that requires the utmost attention and care to ensure its success. Cinematic Aerospace’s edge is in its team of extremely experienced, intelligent, and well-connected management, artistic personnel and pilots who have been flying in New York City airspace for decades.

With over 40 years and 19,000 flight hours of experience, the Cinematic Aerospace team knows what is at stake when it comes to aircraft and film productions, and that is everybody must go home safely at the end of an exciting day filming. They learn something on every shoot and put this knowledge to work on their next shoot.

Cinematic Aerospace is a Part 107 operator based on Long Island, New York, a mere 30 minutes from New York City and serves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts locally, but are available to travel wherever its clients need them, aircraft and all. For more information, please visit www.cinematicaerospace.com.

Cinematic Aerospace's partnership with Hover-Views Unlimited, the national leader in helicopter based aerial cinematography, allows an extension of services beyond drone based aerial cinematography to cover the aerial needs of any client.