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  Final Cut Pro v10.2 vs. v10.3

The "New" Final Cut Pro X (v10.3)

In late October 2016 Apple released version 10.3 of Final Cut Pro X. It is a major update that fixes many bugs and adds tons of new features. Most of the new features are beyond the scope of this course, but Apple changed the design of the User Interface too. This lecture is meant to familiarize students with the new interface and help with the transition if you are used to using the older FCP X interface. The below images give an overview of the few major design changes in the interface, namely the new location of a few different buttons and menu options. The video below goes over the same aspects as well as introduces some of the new features of v10.3 that I think would be helpful for students.

As always, feel free to reach out on the community forum or via email to me ( for further elaboration or clarification on the new User Interface. It is a very cool interface and if you take a few minutes to get acquainted with it, I think you all will like it a lot.

Editing is a challenge and requires thinking outside the box. Use the interface design change as an exercise in figuring out how to "solve a problem" in your NLE. I promise you, even if Apple didn't change some of the interface items, you would have to figure something else out with the old interface eventually and you'll be in the same boat.